What Our Clients Say

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our service:

Nancy Hill: "Once again, you came through with all the help I needed to purchase my new home. Buying a house while out of state would have been a daunting experience, but after working with you when we bought our first house in California, I knew you would take me though the maze, step by step.  Faxes and offers flew across the country, and you were able to make me feel confident that I would become the owner of this house before I returned from Vermont. Your professionalism and attention to details help to make you the successful agents that you are."

Curly and Katie Cervone: "When Leon and Marjorie found the home we wanted, there were multiple parties interested. They went to bat for us by making a presentation to the seller about why we would be the right choice as new owners. Because of this personal touch, we came away with a new home at a great price!  The next time we sell or buy a home, Leon and Marjorie are the first ones we'll call."

Grant and Jill Johnson:   "The professionalism and personal care you exhibited turned what could have been terrible experiences into good ones. Our calls were always returned promptly and our questions answered thoroughly with humor and thoughtfulness. You did us the courtesy of speaking regular English without jargon or condescension. It was great to get our asking price in such a short time. We look forward to working with you again."

Alex and Susanna Kutches: "You were both very accommodating in helping us with all the details of listing, selling and buying two homes in 4 years. We would recommend your service highly to anyone that needs help with finding or selling a home."

Roger and Tammy Barton: “Tammy and I have recommended you to our friends because you do not let any details slip, you keep going until the deal is done. We've been more than satisfied with your service during our four real estate transactions with you."

Jim and Kitty Frazier:  "Leon and Marjorie were indispensable in guiding us through the home purchasing and selling process. From negotiating the selling price with the builder to battling the geese problem next door, to helping us find the right appliances at the right price; we could not have done it without them. You were great at helping us sell too! When it comes to real-estate transactions, they are the right team to work with."